A lot of oysters but no pearls

It’s worth remembering that generating lots of ideas doesn’t guarantee an innovative one will magically emerge.

It’s worth remembering that we can collect social media followers by the droves, but chances are only a handful will engage in an authentic way.

It’s worth remembering that we can be plenty busy and not necessarily be working on the few essential things that truly make a difference.

It’s worth remembering that we may claim a large number of acquaintances, but when it really counts, it’s far better to have that one friend who has the courage to tell you the truth when it’s most difficult–or who will unconditionally extend compassion when you are profoundly hurting.

Sometimes you need many, many oysters to be certain you will find a pearl.

And maybe that kissing a lot of frogs thing helps some people find their prince–or princess.

Most of the time, however, if we constantly remind ourselves that our intention should be more oysters, not more pearls, we might just save ourselves a lot of time, energy, distraction and pain.

This post was inspired by a 2014 post from my business blog which can be found at http://www.stevenpdennis.com.  

HT to Counting Crows for the title inspiration.