Dust obscuring the lens

If our camera lens is covered by dust we don’t keep relentlessly snapping photos if we actually care about the ultimate quality of the shots.

If our air conditioning filter has become clogged we realize that turning up the fan speed or lowering the thermostat is not the smartest way to get the desired coolness.

If a traffic jam slows our progress stepping on the gas or leaning on the horn doesn’t get us there any faster.

When frustration strikes, when obstacles manifest, when our path becomes less than clear, our habit may be to step on the gas, get louder or grasp the wheel more tightly. That’s a trap.

It may seem counter-intuitive to go slow to eventually go fast. Our conditioning may prevent us from realizing that investing the time to achieve clarity before we plow ahead is the far wiser choice.

For most us, wiping the dust from our camera lens’–or changing the filters in our HVAC systems–seems pretty straight-forward with an obvious and immediate benefit.

Why then is it so hard to do the same with our thinking and with the work that really matters?


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